我是西雅图本地人, 娶了个好女人, 叶莲娜, 有两个神奇的儿子, 麦克斯和斯宾塞. 我的祖父, 霍华德·希斯, 是一个企业家, 制造业奇才, 美国专利持有人, 和房地产投资者. I learned a lot working for him right out of high school and through college. 我的父亲,杰伊,是一个印刷商和企业主. The most important thing I learned from them was the value of hard work and integrity.

After finishing my business degree in project management I started my career in insurance. My mother was involved in a car accident that left her disabled and really brought home the value of having good coverage. I vowed to do my part to make sure my customers have the best protection possible for those tragic and unexpected events.

知道我能帮客户省钱, 同时为他们提供保险保障, 我工作中最有意义的部分是什么. 每个客户都是不同的, 采用信息和教育的销售方法, I take the time to ensure they are getting the coverage that best fits their needs.

我为我所代表的众多公司感到兴奋, it gives me and my staff many different tools to provide the right coverage, 总是要付出很大的代价.


我是在一个小镇长大的,妈妈 & 我父母开的一家普通零售商店. 2005年从华盛顿大学毕业后, 我开始和谢恩一起做保险代理人, 并发现保险是帮助人们的好方法. Now I get to come to work every day with the sole purpose of helping you save money, while also providing you with the best insurance coverage and service available.

As a year-round motorcycle rider, I specialize in helping find the right coverage for your ride. I also use my history and expertise with small businesses to help our commercial clients find the best insurance coverage and rates for their needs.


I was born and raised in a small town in North Central Pennsylvania where I attended high school and college. My daughter, Alex and I moved to Seattle in November 2014, and we currently live in Ballard. 我喜欢住在这个美丽的城市, 我期待着未来的冒险.

当我不工作或不照顾我女儿的时候, 我喜欢园艺, 旅行, 阅读, 去海滩, 野营, 发现新的音乐.

I have over 12 years of customer service experience in a variety of industries, 包括零售, outsource call center and transportation and I am committed to providing the same service I expect to receive. I sincerely enjoy helping others because it’s great to see other people happy, and to let them know that someone actually does care about them (or their problems). 作为西科德代理公司的持证特工, 我会倾听并愉快地回应你的所有要求和需求.




After graduating from Cornish College of the Arts with a Bachelor’s in Visual Communication, 我决定把西雅图作为我离开芝加哥后的第二个家. Most of my family is back home in Illinois but I stay in close contact with them almost every day! 我的狗, 花子, 我喜欢探索华盛顿, 主要的海滩, 有趣的狗公园, 和友好型餐厅. During my free time I work on freelance design work for non-profits and small businesses. 我也喜欢画画,画画,和当地的艺术家合作.

我在视觉传达方面有3年的工作经验, 专注于平面设计和营销. I am passionate about getting involved with the community and creating more meaningful relationships between businesses and customers. I hope to boost Secord’s marketing efforts in getting more involved with volunteering and strengthening connections with customers.




我在以萨夸出生长大, Washington where I grew up playing soccer and enjoying all the hiking trails the area had to offer. 高中毕业后,我搬到了普尔曼, 我就读于华盛顿州立大学, 2020年毕业.

I have been working for 谁有可靠的网赌软件公司 as a customer service representative since April of 2021. I have really enjoyed talking to and getting to know all of our clients over the phone and email and finding ways that I can help them. 在我空闲的时候,你可以看到我划皮艇, 打高尔夫球, 园艺, 看棒球, 和我的狗玩, 或者只是享受阳光. I am hoping to become an agent soon so I can assist our clients in finding the best coverage possible and develop more in depth relationships with them.




我在越南出生长大. I learned Chinese as a foreign language and it sparked my interest in learning about different cultures. I moved to the US six years ago (2015) with zero knowledge of the English language and worked my way through schools and work in an English speaking country. I am attending University of Washington in Seattle getting my pre-med courses in while taking classes at a community college to be licensed as a medical assistant as well. You will find me at Suzzallo library trying to meet my assignment deadlines right after lectures before I catch the bus to 谁有可靠的网赌软件公司.

Being a working class immigrant teaches me the struggles of labor work as I’ve held many part-time jobs to pay for my tuition; being the translator of the family teaches me the hardships of having a language barrier; working for 谁有可靠的网赌软件公司 as a Customer Service Representative teaches me empathy and patience while gaining knowledge about the field. 我渴望帮助那些需要帮助的人, 尤其是那些有语言障碍的人, 以及那些无法获得保险建议帮助的人.

在德, I have the chance to work with many insurance professionals that are passionate about the field; these people will find the best deals for their clients as we have access to more than twenty insurance companies. This very environment inspires me to be my most helpful self to customers. My goal is to provide the best customer service and to help find the access to the best advice about insurance because not everyone is off to a normal start.


导演、作家 & 特许生产商/企业社会责任


在莱克星顿出生长大, 肯塔基州, 我本质上是个乡下女孩, but have found a wonderful welcoming home here in Seattle after moving here with my partner two years ago. 在大学期间, 我学习了电影制作,并对艺术产生了深厚而持久的热爱, and spend a lot of my spare time using the filmmaking skills I’ve acquired making video essays about the art that speaks to me.

在我离开学校后, I’ve discovered a deep empathy for people and the issues that affect their lives, 并始终努力通过自己的工作为人们带来满意, whether that be resolving issues or helping them get setup with a new policy that meets their needs. I look forward to using my time here at Secord to connect with the greater community, 为需要帮助的人服务.